The silver lining of the pandemic for me was the chance to take some wonderful online classes and workshops. My new website will feature not only fine art quilts, but also mixed media paintings and collages. It will be user-friendly for cell phones as well as tablets and computers. Unfortunately covid is still with us, so please make an appointment before visiting. You can call my landline at 902-945-2744, send an email to, or text me at 902-615-8967. This is a home studio and visitors will still need to wear masks. We all have to be careful and stay safe!

In the village of Mabou on Cape Breton Island, winds blow fiercely, the ocean is bright or dark, hillsides sprout hay bales, and fiddlers play under starry skies. To see this rich brew turned into art, browse through my fine art quilts. This interview from 2018 has photos of my recent work. 

You're welcome to visit me in my studio in Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Canada. Here you can view the quilts, mixed-media paintings, collages, hand-dyed scarves, hand-dyed cotton fabric, and more. 



Natural Forces Series

Starting in 1997, I began dyeing my own fabrics, which adds a painterly quality to my work. 

This quilt, Tidal River Improv, is part of my Natural Forces series. These quilts are inspired by changing skies, curving hills, sprouts emerging from the ground, and other natural phenomena. 

Scroll down to see samples of quilts from my other series, Hay Bales, Fiddle Music, Circles, Grids, and Small Works. My quilts are available to purchase or license.


Hay Bale Series

The Hay Bale series grew from my fascination with the huge hay bales in the fields and all the work that goes into harvesting and storing them. This quilt, One Round Bale, is a whole cloth quilt that was printed as a monotype with thickened dye.


Fiddle Music Series

Cape Breton has an amazing concentration of excellent fiddle and piano players who play Celtic-style dance music. For years I’ve been trying to translate the complex melodies and rhythms into visual images. This quilt, Cape Breton Spring, evokes the changing seasons and is part of the Fiddle Music series.


Circle Series

To me, circles are an endlessly fascinating shape. In this Circle series, I dye many variations of circles and combine them very simply. Here you see the quilt Phosphorescence.


Grid Series

This quilt, Sorcerer’s Threads, is part of my Grid series. While not very traditional, these quilts, like many favourite bed quilts, are based on a grid design or a variation thereof.


Small Works

I enjoy experimenting with projects that can be finished quickly. Some of these Small Works are offspring of the larger quilts, either smaller versions of the same themes, or literally made from leftover fabric scraps. Here you see the quilt Harmony, made from a single piece of hand dyed fabric that was cut apart and reassembled.