Fabric Dyeing by the Sea

From 2009 to 2017 I gave fabric dyeing workshops....

There's something magical about pouring dye onto white fabrics and seeing them transformed into rainbow hues. Now that I'm no longer giving workshops, I have some resources to share and some photos of past workshops for inspiration. 

I learned the basics of fabric dyeing first from a book by Ann Johnston, Color by Accident, which I recommend to any beginner. I experimented and tried techniques from other books including Color by Design by the same writer.

I use chemical dyes which come as a powder and are mixed into a liquid. They can be used at room temperature. I use them for both cotton and silk. The liquid dyes can also be mixed with an alginate to make them thick like paint, and then they can be used for printing, stamping, silkscreening, and other techniques.

Here are three sources of these dyes and related auxiliary chemicals (slightly different names but the same dyes):

prochemicalanddye.net (PRO MX fiber reactive dyes), in Massachusetts

dharmatrading.com (fiber reactive procion dyes), in California

gsdye.com (mx reactive dyes), in Toronto 

Another option for taking a fabric dyeing workshop in Cape Breton is doing natural plant-based dyeing with Mel Sweetnam. Her website is mamiesschoolhouse.com.

Here are two photos from past workshops. I hope you give dyeing a try!