Fine Art Quilts

I describe what I make as fine art quilts.  “Fine art” because I paint and print with dyes and cut and reassemble fabrics to make an overall visual statement, a collage of fabric.  And “quilts” because of my emotional connection to this (mostly) women’s tradition, which includes the bold geometry of early Amish quilts and the playful improvisation of African-American quilts.  Like most quilts, mine are made with three layers, a top (the front of the quilt), a thin cotton batting, and the back, all held together with lines of machine stitching. Unlike bed quilts, mine are made to be hung on the wall. 

Scroll down this page to see quilts from my current series, Natural Forces, Hay Bales, Fiddle Music, Circles, Grids, and Small Works.  You can also learn how to purchase a quilt or license images of my work or look at older quilts in the Archive.


Natural Forces Series

My mother was fascinated by weird weather phenomena and she would have been very excited by the rare moonbow I saw this winter.

This quilt, Wait an Hour and the Weather Will Change, is part of my Natural Forces series. These quilts are inspired by changing skies, curving hills, sprouts emerging from the ground, and weather of all kinds.  


Hay Bale Series

This quilt, Hay Bales Under a Bright Blue Sky, is from my Hay Bale series. The round bales in the fields are huge spirals of condensed life.


Fiddle Music Series

Cape Breton Island has many excellent fiddle and piano players who play Celtic-style dance music at house parties and public events.  For years I’ve been trying to translate the complex melodies and rhythms into visual images. This quilt, Fire in the Kitchen, is part of the Fiddle Music series.


Circle Series

To me, circles are an endlessly fascinating shape. In this Circle series, I dye many variations of circles and combine them very simply. Here you see the quilt Eclipse, purchased in 2009 by the Nova Scotia Art Bank.


Grid Series

This quilt, Shoreline Dreams, is part of my Grid series. These quilts, like many favourite bed quilts, are based on a grid design or a variation thereof.


Small Works

With my Small Works, I enjoy experimenting with projects that can be finished quickly.  Some of these pieces are offspring of the larger quilts, either smaller versions of the same themes, or literally made from leftover fabric scraps.  Here you see a quilt called Wild Nights, the title inspired by an Emily Dickinson poem.