Scarves & more

When you visit my studio on Cape Breton Island, you’ll want to soak up the spectacular view of rolling dunes and ocean waves. Then you can look at my work-in-progress, along with hand-dyed scarves, hand-dyed fat quarters for quiltmakers, and more. Most of these items are only available directly from the studio, but my first limited edition print is now available online (see below).


I welcome visitors to my studio. You’ll find the best selection of my fine art quilts here and all the other handmade items. Please call first before you make a special trip, because I'm not always here. Monday to Saturday from 10 to 5 are the best times. On many Sundays from July through mid-October, you'll find me along with other artisans and local food vendors at the nearby Mabou Farmers Market from 11 to 2.



My hand-dyed scarves are each one of a kind. Their designs are inspired by the sea and sky, hills and meadows, sunsets and wildflowers, and especially by the figures of lively Cape Breton square dances. The colours are permanent and the scarves are easy to care for. A pleasure to wear in all seasons, scarves are affordable luxuries and make wonderful gifts.


The silk scarves, either lightweight China silk or the heavier crêpe de chine, have a loose, improvised, and contemporary style. Rayon/silk devoré scarves are very popular and range from muted pastels to brilliant rainbow tones. Lightweight rayon has a more informal look, and a cotton/silk blend is a good summer option.  

These scarves come in a variety of sizes and some of them are in the looped infinity style that’s so easy to wear. Prices range from $10 for a tiny silk scarf to tie around a ponytail, to $85 for a large crépe de chine scarf.

scarf-silk.jpg        scarf-devore.jpg        scarf-hwcotton.jpg


Coming Home is a signed limited edition print made from my original fine art quilt. The image size is 10 inches/25.5 cm x 7-1/4 inches/18.3 cm, slightly smaller than the actual quilt. It was printed in 12 colours and looks so three-dimensional that people want to touch it. You can order it here by using the PayPal button, for $30 plus $5 shipping.


Fabric packs   Hand-dyed fat quarters for quiltmakers or other artists are sold in bundles of many colours.

fabric-packs.jpg I look forward to meeting you!